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Research is the best insurance policy of an Industry, to solve problems and to create Future Solution.

  • We actively Working on the research and development of biotechnological process and products.We have previously carried out various research work on microbial products of agriculture.
  • We are currently performing various R & D work with the collaboration of universities like Pandit Dindayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar and Parul University Vadodara, Gujarat.
  • We are also associated with Gujarat state Biotechnology mission for the research and product development in Biotechnology. In the Recent Past, We have carried out various research work with Navasari Agriculture University.
  • Few of our research work published in national and Internation journals.

Growth Pattern of Beauveria Bassiana on different Eco Friendly Media

Research Conducted on How different media affects the growth of Beauveria Bassiana for Mass Multiplication.

Growth Pattern of Paecilomyces lilacinus on different Eco Friendly Media

Research Conducted on How different media affects the growth of Beauveria Bassiana for Mass Multiplication.

Effect of Cell Protectants on Mass Multiplication of Azotobacter

The articles indicat that how the liquid formulation of Azotobacter could be used more effectively to maintain the cells viability for long time.

Ground Nut Cultivation: A Novel Apporoch Using Organic Inputs.

The review was that , organic production of groundnut by natural inputs such as bio fertilizer, bio pesticide, support sustainability and environmental well-being by reducing the input of synthetic pesticides and insecticides in the field.

Fresh Biofertilizer: A Novel Concept in Improving Soil Fertility

This review discusses the importance of good quality fertilizers and the factors. The study also shows that how the fresh biofertilizer will be beneficial to the farmers and the soil fertility.

Evaluation of Various Parameters in Mass Multiplication of Beauveria bassiana in Modified Method..

Present study deals with use of different media like SDA, rice bran, wheat bran, sorghum and to find their ability as substrates for mass multiplication of beauveria bassiana and creates effective production methodology to decrease the excessive use of chemical pesticide and save the soil from being contaminated/polluted.

Novel Ecofriendly Approaches for Controlling Soil Borne Fungal Pathogens: A Review

The application of chemical fungicides for controlling soil borne plant pathogens is rapidly increasing due to their potential to deliver desirable results in a short span of time. the study help us to reduce the use of chemical fungicide to overcome the soil fungal disease.The review article highlights the management of Black scurf disease (Rhizoctonia solani) in Potato using Bacillus subtilis V26 strain and by using a mixture of cattle manure and date palm compost.

Production of Carrier Based Rhizobium Spp. Biofertilizer by Fermentation

Rhizobium bio fertilizer would decline the need of chemical fertilizers and reduce the adverse effects on environment.

Screening of cellulase enzyme activity synthesize by submerged fermentation process

The biological aspects of producing cellulases enzyme has become essential to future research as well as for researchers by involving cellulases and cellulolytic activity of various microorganisms.

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