Revise Sol

What is Revise Sol?

Revise Sol is a natural herbal extract formulation made up of bitter herbs extract to control pests like larva, thrips, mites, aphids, jassids and whitefly. The herbal extract is dried in a powder form in order to increase the effectiveness and the stability. This makes the shelf life of the product long.

Natural pesticides are combined in this extract, which has to be diluted in order to use it. It’s safe for the environment, for humans, insects, and it is seen as a smart choice to use instead of using chemicals.

How to use it?

  1. Add 30ml Eco cover in 500ml water
  2. Add slowly 50gm Revise Sol to it
  3. Stir properly for at least 5 till 10 minutes
  4. For spraying purpose use 3gm of Revise per 1L of water

What is revise ?

Revise is Natural Herbal Extract formulation for pet protection in organic farming.

Herbal extract dried to increase effectiveness and long stability. Natural pesticide herbs like Neem, Karanj, Akado and many other used as natural pest protection method. Revise is new developed formulation from this bitter herbs.

Why Revise is best ?

Revise formulated using herbal extract in dry form. Normally active constituents of herbal extracts are time bound degrades. To overcome this problem we have converted in powder form to reduce degradation in packed formulation. This increases self-life of product with maximum effectiveness.

Advantage of Revise.

  • Long Self-life of product
  • Use as pesticide as well as fungicide.
  • Alternative of harsh chemicals
  • Safe for environment
  • Safe for humans
  • Useful for organic production.
  • Ready to use herbal extract.

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