Revise Geekay

Revise GeekayMade up of natural garlic and other extract. It can control variety of Fungus disease like rust, Fusarium wilt, Black spot, Powder mildew, Canker, bacterial wilt as well as control pest attack.

Use repetitive and preventive for better result.

What is revise ?

Revise is Natural Herbal Extract formulation for pet protection in organic farming.

Herbal extract dried to increase effectiveness and long stability. Natural pesticide herbs like Neem, Karanj, Akado and many other used as natural pest protection method. Revise is new developed formulation from this bitter herbs.

Why Revise is best ?

Revise formulated using herbal extract in dry form. Normally active constituents of herbal extracts are time bound degrades. To overcome this problem we have converted in powder form to reduce degradation in packed formulation. This increases self-life of product with maximum effectiveness.

Advantage of Revise.

  • Long Self-life of product
  • Use as pesticide as well as fungicide.
  • Alternative of harsh chemicals
  • Safe for environment
  • Safe for humans
  • Useful for organic production.
  • Ready to use herbal extract.

How to use Revise Sol ?

Revise made up of Herbal extract. This extract converted into Powder Formulation with latest technology. This extract act as a organic plant protector.

Dissolution method (for 50 gm Revise Sol):

      Add 30 ml Eco cover in 500 ml water. Add slowly Revise 50 gm to it. Stirr properly foratleast 5 to 10 min to complete dissolution.

Dose: 3 gm Revise in One liter water for spray purpose.

Note: Use only after complete dissolution of Revise.

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