Nature Kit : Neemox

Nature Kit Neemox is one of the strong pest protector. This makes leaves bitter to controls various pest like larva, aphids, thrips, jassids, whitefly..

Use: For Prevention of all type of pest like Aphids, Colorado beetles, Beetles, Bugs, Japanese beetles, Grubs, Leafhoppers, Moths, Nematodes, Plant hoppers, Scales, Snails, Thrips, Weevils, Whiteflies.

What is Nature kit ?

Nature kit is herbal pesticide Do it yourself production kit. This kit enables you to produce quality herbal extract for organic farming. Extraction Process simplified with help of organic solvent given with this kit.

Nature kits are available in different combination of Herbs. This helps you to choice according to your requirements.

Why Nature is ideal for organic farming?

In Organic Farming or in conventional farming pest protection is important to get desired production level. In process to control pest in farm or garden effective organic control of pest is important factor. Herbal extract serve as a ideal pest control in organic farming. Herbal pesticide are less harmful and bio degradable comparison to chemical based pesticide.

Herbal Extraction process requires solvent for extraction. With this nature kit we provide solvent for extraction and method for extraction using farm available equipment.

Content of Nature kit

Nature Kit made up of two parts.

  1.   Powder of Herbs to be extract
  2.   Organic extractor solvent/soft soap.

Method of extraction using Nature Kit (How to make extract)

To produce extract please Follow below steps.

  1.    Take min 15 Litre water.
  2.    Add Herbs 1 kg available in kit.
  3.    Add organic extractor in this mixture.
  4.    Stir four to five time a day.
  5.    Heat and cool the mixture before filtration.
  6.    Filter mixture using filter cloth.
  7.    Use this filtrate to make maximum 300 litre spray volume.
  8.    Use herbal powder of process as an organic fertilizer.

Process of extraction

Process involve in extraction is maceration of herbs in water with organic solvent. Heat is applied for maximum extraction achievement.

Benefits of Nature kit

  • Simplified Process to make herbal extract.
  • Does not need to find herbs to make herbal pesticide.
  • Economical pest control Method.
  • Safe for environment and Humans.
  • As an alternative of harsh chemicals.
  • Used for organic farming.

Why Nature kit is smart choice?

  1. Economical
  2. Safe for Environment
  3. Safe for humans
  4. Safe for most insects
  5. It Works Well

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