Our Mission

Vise Innovative solution enterprise pvt ltd (VISE) provide key solution to problem associated with organic farming technology. Company Founded by Mr. Prakashbhai Vaghasiya on 7 th February 2017 in company registration. Mr. Prakash wins an Award of Top 20 Social Innovation National Contest organized by Ministry of External Affairs and NITI ayog with Atal innovation Mission.

Company provides holistic solution for doing organic farming practice. Company Provides products to farmers like Bio Fertilizer production unit, Kit to produce bio fertilizer, Herbal pesticide Do it yourself kit, Organic Fertilizer, Organic pest protection products, Fermentation product of seaweed and fermented amino acid product as fertilizer and Plant growth promoter.

This all products helps farmer to develop organic farming. This product simultaneously decreases the cost for organic farming development. We have also developed organic fertilizer from waste banana peels. This is highly effective for crops like tomato, brinjal and watermelon crops.

Company mainly supplies products through dealer network across India to sale. These products begin a new era for farmers to develop organic farming.

Vise Organic Company Mission

Vise Innovative Solution Enterprise pvt Ltd is working for providing better and cost effective solution for development of organic farming to those farmers who cultivating their land with chemical fertilizer and pesticide.

Mission Statement

Vise innovative solution enterprise pvt ltd is a visionary, innovative agriculture products and service provide aimed at offering high quality, moderately process, organic farm developing innovative products with solving major problems in organic farming with latest technological innovation. We encourage farmers to accept organic farming and reduce usage of chemical pesticide. We view our selves as partner with farmers, our employee, our community and our environment. We aim to develop our brand name recognized in india, capitalizing on the sustained interest in India. Our goal is moderate growth, annual defined profitability and maintaining our quality standard.

Company Objective

Our main objective is to make Indian farmers to be free from usage of chemicals as fertilizer and pesticide. These chemicals are responsible for damages health of human being as well as soil fertility. Along with these practices our aim is to decrease overall cost of production in organic farming and increases annual income of farmers.

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